Monday, 7 May 2018

My Sixty-Third 17/18 Game - Coventry City vs Morecambe

45 league games lead us here, the finale which almost certainly wouldn't be the last game. All we needed to do was not Cov it up and get at least a point at home to 22nd placed Morecambe, who also by chance only needed a point to confirm safety, the scene was set. I think we all knew what was going on when Robins said in his pre-match interview that "We'll see what happens", not implying that we'd actually try and win an easily winnable game.

There was enough people in the Ricoh that they had to move the point of segregation along a whole block. People are starting to come out of their caves, roll on next Saturday, where we've got to be topping 20,000 at the absolute minimum. All it took to get there was one of the dullest on pitch 90 minutes of football known to man, but were you expecting anything else? That didn't make it any less hilarious to watch.

Coventry City Starting XI:





Coventry City Substitutes:


Just the two changes from the abusement of Cheltenham were both referred to as forced, presumably picking up a knock, Max Biamou dropped to the bench probably being deemed not worth the risk with Jonson Clarke-Harris replacing. Everyone's favourite conspiracy theory resurfaced yet again with Willis out of the squad, is he injured or has he apparently got a transfer to Rotherham agreed in principle for the fourth transfer window in a row. I mean it's almost definitely the first but who knows? I'm a big fan of the fact that we brought Hyam back in instead of McDonald. Top work Mr Robins.

First Half

I'll be doing minimal match analysis because I'm not sure people want to hear about various on twos between Tom Davies and Michael Doyle. Speaking of the captain, he had bags of space 20 yards out so spanked one towards the top corner, Barry Roche, who had a splendid game might I add, tipped it over the bar. This was in the third minute or so, and is one of only two chances we managed to bless ourselves with.

The second was brought onto us by Chris Stokes, he accidentally found himself bursting down the left wing having been played through by a deflection, shimmying past his man he threaded into Jonson Clarke-Harris. His touch teed it up in the air and on the volley Roche pulled out another fantastic save. SEE Sunderland fans, we did try! A bit... Tom Davies at the other end stopped a cross from being tapped in at the back post by flinging his legs at it, taking it out for a throw.

Half Time - Coventry City 0-0 Morecambe

Second Half

If you thought the first half was tedious and dull, then have I got a treat for you. It was so blatant that we were playing for a draw that it was laughable, Barnet were 3-0 up which meant we only needed a goal to condemn Morecambe to non league football. At our end though it didn't make one shadow of a difference whether we won or drew, we'd still be playing Notts County and finishing sixth. So it was a series of sideways passing and occasional sighs from a selection of Cov fans.

A personal highlight was substitute Maxime Biamou realising he was in a 3 on 3, panicking, turning and immediately feeding Callum Lang in for the counter attack. It was astonishing to watch, as the minutes ticked down no one was worried because why should we be? Mansfield and Lincoln were failing to score and we weren't exactly going to concede. As Tom Davies saw a 80 yard long ball out for a goal kick he screamed "COME ON" at singers corner, and when the full time whistle was blown, they did.

Full Time - Coventry City 0-0 Morecambe 

Streams of fans came onto the pitch, should they have, probably not, does it matter? Not really. It's not exactly harming anyone, even if it is ever so slightly tinpot. In fact the two things Cov fans were told not to do came true, as a flare was also set off to complete block 14 bingo. Once we'd all got off and the players had come back out for a lap of honour it dawned on me, we're in the f***ing play offs. (Censoring that in case my mums decides to have a peek at this) That means constant anguish and pain, I don't think I could mentally take yet another failure, if we're not heading to Wembley by 10:30 Friday the 18th of May then god knows what I'll do. I'll more than likely do a play off preview in the week.

My Man of the Match - Tom Bayliss - Actually looked like providing some attacking drive, he'll be incredibly key over the 2 play off legs. In fact that goes for anyone, we literally can't afford to have anyone making a mistake now, we need to be spotless, Bayliss along with a lot of this team hasn't experienced play offs before. The likes of Doyler and Sparky need to step up more than ever. *Gulp* See you Saturday.

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