Wednesday, 14 February 2018

My Forty-Eighth 17/18 Game - Colchester United vs Coventry City

So this is going to be tricky... Never have I experienced what I did at Colchester away. I'm not going to call this a match report because after all, I wasn't there. Instead I'm going to be talking through the events of an evening which will be one of my most memorable as a Coventry City supporter, as well as my life, but for all the wrong reasons. Good god it was horrific. I'm not sure where to start, but much like a fairytale, let's try the beginning.

It was as tedious a coach journey as ever, basically everyone was itching to get off and sniff out the nearest Wetherspoons to hurl a £2 pint down themselves. That was when the news struck, bad accident on the M25. The stop was looking like it was off, everyone was livid. How would they numb the pain of an inevitable 2-0 defeat now? The executive decision was made to stop around St. Albans, then we could wait for the traffic to die down, and come back on to the motorway passed all of the stoppages. Sounds risky now but at the time it *partially* seemed a logical plan.

So 6 rolls around and everyone's back on the coach, to cut a long story short, it's 7 before we've even made it out of St. Albans. Now for those of you who don't know geography, that's an hour and a half away at the best of times. That was before we'd made it onto the motorway itself. This is when the realisation hit that this wasn't going to be the best night of our lives by a long shot. The next hour was spent trying to work out how late we were going to be, it kept going up and up by which point the game had kicked off.

Now big shoutout to the bloke streaming it on the Facebook forum, as well as the people who used their data to get it up. Even though everyone was getting mobile updates a minute before we actually saw it but it was nice to witness the pain with our own eyes like we had paid to do. As soon as we went 1-0 down I think everyone had enough, I haven't seen it properly, but from what I hear no way in hell was it a penalty. Either way Ogedi-Uzokwe slotted it in, sending Burge the wrong way.

When Mick, the coach organiser, asked whether people wanted to carry on to the game or go to the pub I think everyone in unison responded with the latter. We performed a swift turn off and before you know it we're sat in a Wetherspoons in Potters Bar wondering what the hell happened as the referee blows for half time. I'm already having a meltdown on Twitter in a desperate yet shameless attempt to acquire likes. I've got no excuses, one even reached the dizzy heights of 14.

Does a good burger does 'The Admiral Byng' in Potters Bar, all processed food of course but who cares as long as it tastes nice and doesn't kill you? But that's besides the point, we were playing so bad I'd have rather have received Chinese Water Torture than continue with it. That's what made it all the more surprising when Tom Bayliss popped up from 20 yards and spanked a worldie in off the bar. The whole game had been turned on its head. No one knew what to think. "Get that engine on" yer da bellowed as he necked his Carling in 4 gulps.

Obviously by this stage it was too late, the plan was already set in stone to leave for 10:15 and get back god knows when with rumours of even more closures on the M1 floating about. All we could do was pack around Samsung screen as we piled forward, a wonder save to deny Clarke-Harris here, McNulty hitting the post there. We were definitely the better side, and looked like the only side that was going to come out with 3 points, if any. I don't even need to say what happens next, even someone with only a basic knowledge of Cov would know what was coming.

Completely against the run of play, after we'd failed to put them to bed, Mandron was given a free header in the area and calmly nodded it past Burge. That was the final nail in the coffin, it was already a poor night but now you could barely see the funny side of it. The coach swiftly filled once more but with a more depressing vibe. Some sat in silence, a few sang, personally I listened to Fix You by Coldplay on a loop. I hope never to experience a night like that again, yet I'm still weirdly glad I went.

This wasn't really a report, but sometimes you never know the hand that football is going to deal you, for christ sake we could have at least won to soothe the situation. Promotion is looking further and further away every game, thankfully we've got a big break until the next one, with Saturday being the big one. Brighton away in the FA Cup. Whilst I can't see us winning in a million years, I can barely contain my excitement for what should be a brilliant day.

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