Thursday, 8 February 2018

Make or Break Month

Whether you expected more, less or about this back in August, with just 16 league games left of this season we are still in with a considerable shout of promotion. We're in eighth place, but it's that tight that it doesn't really matter yet as long as we keep winning games. However you can't help but think that in a months time we'll either be popping the champagne licking our lips at the run in we have, but equally there could be a lot of cold baths run with everyone in tears. Basically, February is a make or break month. *Insert theme music here*

This is our run of games we've got coming up:

10th February - Accrington Stanley (H) - 3rd
13th February - Colchester United (A) - 10th
17th February - Brighton and Hove Albion (A) - FA Cup Fifth Round
24th February - Mansfield Town (A) - 5th
27th February - Wycombe Wanderers (A) - 2nd
3rd March - Lincoln City (H) - 9th

5 league games, plus a Fifth Round FA Cup tie thrown in for good measure, in the space of just 3 weeks. On top of that we have the match against runaway league leaders Luton which has yet to be rearranged, when it was due on the day of the Brighton fixture. To put it lightly, this time next month we could quite easily be a broken fanbase. A couple of losses and we're stuffed, I don't think I'm the only one getting flashbacks of a couple of seasons ago when the wheels came off in that February/March period.

We've even got four away games in a row after Accrington this Saturday, which don't get me wrong is great from a fan perspective, everyone loves a good away day, but we've been poor away of late. The last league victory we've had on the road was Carlisle at the end of December, it's fair to say winning seven on the bounce at the Ricoh has helped endless amounts. If we want even a shot of going up that needs to continue, no question.

So why all this negativity I hear you cry, and you're right, I haven't even made a notion that we've proved so far we've got the ability to get through it, which I suppose is the case. Put it this way, had we actually beaten Forest Green I wouldn't be writing this post. I love a good negative moan, and that shambles of a performance put doubt in my mind whether we've actually got the bottle to see this whole League Two thing out. This has been a regular occurrence all season, in fact every time we lose a game it's all "Oh we're a shambles of a football club" and then after every victory I'm certain we'll win the league.

Is Brighton just an unnecessary distraction in one of the biggest periods in this clubs history? Absolutely not. Buying tickets was a huge hassle, spending a good hour on the phone to various different box offices and ticket offices I never knew we had asking why my season ticket wasn't working. I got one just in the nick of time, all 4,529 were gone within about 2 hours. Great support. I haven't seen anyone complaining we've made it so far as it's a distraction to the league. It worked for Lincoln, and even if we do go out, as long as we're not absolutely humiliated we can hold our heads high and carry the momentum through.

I've seen some poor performances from this side, but there's also been some absolutely astonishing afternoons where I've come out in awe of how good the side is playing. It's got us to just outside the play offs but as I've said, it's so close we're practically in there. The aim should still be automatics as play offs are pot luck and we've never had the sight of them to know what they're like. I'd take that as a back up plan but surely the aim should be higher? I guess the answer to that question will be with how bad Jack Grimmer and Chris Stokes' injuries are.

To conclude, with yet another couple of rhetorical questions, will we go up? No idea. Have I just wasted your time? Maybe. The main thing is, we're in for a whirlwind of a month and the picture is going to be so much clearer on the other side. I hope for our sake we go up, you don't want to be stuck in League Two, just ask Portsmouth or Plymouth fans. There's not much else to say, see you on the other side where hopefully we're 2nd in the league and in the Quarters after a last minute winner at Brighton.

Now I was going to finish it there, and I've thought twice about actually uploading this post, and I apologise for going quite personal but after I wrote this I was dealt with the news that my grandfather had passed away. If it weren't for him taking my dad to Highfield Road all those years ago, then he wouldn't have dragged me along, and I wouldn't be here today with this love for Coventry City today. So I can't thank him enough, and although it doesn't mean much, I'd like to dedicate this post to him. Thank you. PUSB.

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