Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Now all of the Christmas business is out of the way, and we're all in the midst of bottling our New Years resolutions, I'm back to clog up your feeds with a weekly opinion piece, likely going up on a Tuesday/Wednesday. I'm still going to be going to all the matches and do the match reports and all of those shenanigans, but it's nice to just be able to share my personal views on whatever topic happens to spring to mind that week and maybe get some discussion going. Saying that it'll most likely only happen when we don't have a midweek game so I don't get abuse for posting in forums too much like at Christmas... Anyway, this weeks topic talks about our recent FA Cup Fourth Round Draw.

MK Dons away, Milton Keynes Dons Away. The Carl Baker Derby. We've got some great memories down at everyone's favourite franchise club in Buckinghamshire. Who could forget Stephen Elliott and Franck Moussa's heroics in 2012 or of course Chris Maguire's free kicks the following year. Basically, we love playing there and have only lost once at Stadium: MK, and now we're facing them in one of our biggest FA Cup games in years. What I'm getting at is, every man and his dog should be at that game to roar the boys on.

If you were at the Stoke match you'll agree with me that it was an incredible day, from falling over into my seat in pure shock when Jordan Willis nutted in the first to just outright squealing like a little girl when Jack Grimmer bagged the winner, it was a great thing to see. Whilst for some we may still not feel like it, we're a League Two team who have just knocked out a Premier League side. We were even the feature game on Match of the Day for the first time in 10 years, it's not often you can say that. We were magnificent in ever single department and heroically managed to hold them out to claim the 2-1 victory.

The atmosphere was a big contributing factor to us rolling out as winners on Saturday, we drowned Stoke out for most of the match. We uplifted them when Charlie Adam equalised and all around it was up there as one of the best Ricoh atmospheres I've seen in recent times. MK Dons are hardly known for their vast numbers of fans nor good volume of noise, so imagine how fired up our squad would feel walking out to see 10,000 of the Sky Blue Army at one end of the ground. Equally, imagine how intimidated the hosts would feel seeing their fans being outnumbered by a club in the division below them. We really have the ability to be the 12th man in this scenario, so we shouldn't let it slip.

No one really expected us to be the giant killers of the last round, but as I've said a few times now, we were far superior to Stoke. Now MK are in League One, which is considerably lower than the top flight, obviously. They're hardly tearing it up either, they're in a relegation dog fight sat in 19th place. We've gone from facing a side 53 league places above us to facing a side a whole 8 league places above us. This is a winnable tie and you'd better believe it. We played them in pre-season if you remember and took them apart, winning 2-0. Ignore that it was two penalties, we were absolutely all over them for the whole match.

FURTHERMORE, it's one of the cheapest away days we possibly could have received, a train ticket will set you back about a tenner and a ticket can't be too expensive, details haven't been released yet but they've been known to practically give them away in the past. Unfortunately I don't have any ability to see how much you're going to spend on drinking, that one is down to you I'm afraid. Either way I'm sure our fans will make it a special day whatever happens. Basically, get behind this '#10KToMK' campaign because it's going to be a great day, and you never know, we might even go and win.

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