Thursday, 7 December 2017

Coventry City Advent Calendar - My 25 Favourite Players - Day 7 - Marvin Sordell

Right, I know what you're thinking, and I'm being quite brave throwing him in so early on, but I promise there are justifiable reasons for me putting Marvin Sordell in as one of my favourite 25 City players. His stint itself was short yet still fairly successful, but it's everything surrounding him that was the reason he's made it on. In fact I'm slightly surprised he's not taken out a restraining order as from the outside my admiration looks incredibly odd. Also, this will likely be the silliest instalment and I doubt a lot of it will be football based. 

Ok, so, looking back to 2015, I watched and enjoyed YouTube videos created by Proudie. These were based around Football Manager but I found them funny and his interpretation of the game was quite clever. Anyway, on his series 'Attempting Not To Get Sacked' based around Burnley, and "Sordellinho" became a cult hero within the series, and basically, I completely stole the joke. Nabbed it and milked the whole thing dry beyond belief. On Deadline Day on September 1st 2015 I tweeted this:

"Come on @Coventry_City I'm waiting to order my @MarvinSordell shirt. #Sordellinho #SignHimUp"

Other than being incredibly cringy looking back it is very Mystic Meg, as 9 months later, we did indeed get him in. I was called out on my tweet, and to be fair I really wanted to get one, so I bought a 'Sordellinho 17' away shirt ahead of the 16/17 season. Now this is one of my best but eqaully one of my worst decisions as a City fan. There was no real way of explaining it to others who saw me, it just looked properly mental.

After his first month with the club and our winless run, he'd failed to get a goal, and the fans began to turn. He wasn't even bad, he hit the post against Swindon and was injured for a few weeks. When the goal came, it was an amazing moment. Millwall away, he was being booed by the home fans, and out of nowhere he pinged one from 25 yards and celebrated in front of them. Wearing the shirt and having everyone's opinions instantly change was brilliant. 

Then a few months later Russell Slade made the horrific decision to swap him for Stuart Beavon at Burton Albion, the goals dried up and we ended up getting relegated. Since then he's done quite well with the Championship move, and has also signed the shirt, which I have retired from games and I plan to get it framed. As a symbol of the oddest affiliation I've ever had with a player, and I can't thank him enough for offering to sign it.

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