Monday, 25 December 2017

Coventry City Advent Calendar - My 25 Favourite Players - Day 25 - George Thomas

Merry Christmas one and all, if you're reading this on Christmas Day, then thank you, but why? Try and spend as much time with your family as possible, come back on Boxing Day as you prepare for our 3-0 trouncing of Port Vale. Now Christmas is a time of gift giving, happiness and remembrance, so in the spirit of that I'd like to look back at easily the best moment for Coventry City in 2017, our Checkatrade Trophy Final win at Wembley. Now the moment that jumps out at most from that day was the peach of a winner from none other than George Thomas.

Another product of our ever impressive youth academy, he only really broke into the first team last season, and for the first half, was only really shining in the Checkatrade Trophy. His first senior goal came on the night of Wycstanbul in the group stages of that competition where we came back from 2-0 down to win 4-2, where he netted the third. This continued in the last 16 versus Brighton's u21 side where he placed a great header into the roof of the net. It wasn't until mid-February where he got his first league goal, in a 2-1 win against Gillingham.

It was weird how much of an involvement he had in that cup run, in the Quarters at Swansea he assisted the own goal equaliser and scored a penalty in the resulting shootout. As for the semi finals, he chested down an exquisite Kyel Reid cross and smashed into the roof of the net for City's second goal. This seemed to spark some great league form as he went on to become our top goalscorer in both the league and all competitions, which just emphasises how poor we were. Goals against Swindon, Walsall and others made heads turn, but none made clubs come knocking like one in particular.

If it weren't for this moment, I doubt he'd even be on here, and I know that kind of defeats the whole point of this list. Being honest, he gave me my happiest moment as a Coventry City supporter, and in fact, one of the happiest moments of my life. Picture the scene, it's the 55th minute of the Checkatrade Trophy Final between Coventry City and Oxford United. Stuart Beavon feeds Kyel Reid down the left wing, he sends over a peach to the edge of the area where George Thomas is lurking.

The ball is behind him slightly, it's a tough take down but he pulls it off well. The defenders are closing in, if he's going to have a chance on goal he's going to have to hit this first time, in a quick yet composed motion the ball canons off his right peg and like an arrow it heads straight for the far bottom corner. The 43, 269 City fans are left in raptures at the sight of the goal, limbs are flying everywhere, no one knows what to do with themselves. It's beginning to dawn on us all, we're actually going to do it. It was an amazing moment, and one which will stay with me for the rest of my life, with everyone there, it's going to take something big to top it.

Thank you to everyone who's read and supported this advent calendar, even that one bloke who said he couldn't wait until it was over. Any feedback is good feedback after all. I've enjoyed writing every single one of these posts, in particular the James Maddison one where I got home at 7am from being out that night,  realising I hadn't done it yet. Would I do it again with something similar next year? Who knows, there's definitely potential for a few more series' yet. Until then, I'll stick to match reports and a weekly opinion piece. Thank you, and most of all, Merry bloody Christmas.

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