Thursday, 21 December 2017

Coventry City Advent Calendar - My 25 Favourite Players - Day 21 - Callum Wilson

In the latter stages of our time in the Championship, Callum Wilson was just one of those names you saw right at the bottom of the programme and kind of forgot existed, it took him a while to bloom as a footballer. Aged 21, going into the 13/14 season, it didn't really look like he was going to make it in our squad, but after one good pre-season game it all changed. Had it gone any differently in that crucial period he might not be where he is now. Who says that pre-season doesn't matter?

I can't remember us having someone with the same first name even getting a consistent run in the first team for us, so it was all the more sweet when Wilson did it, and the cherry on top was him coming through the academy product. I'll admit I didn't see as much of him as I would have liked, the whole Sixfields thing put a whole downer on a season which with a little better circumstances, we definitely had the squad to go up.

Striking up a partnership with Leon Clarke certainly helped him along the way, and they both made each other look like better players. After just 11 league games he'd already accumulated 10 goals, and the pair of them were dragging us kicking and screaming out of the relegation zones having started the season with a 10 point deduction. Around January things started to malfunction slightly, partly down to his 2 month injury, and Leon Clarke forcing a move through to Wolves in January.

To break away slightly from Wilson and onto his partner, we reignited his career, but when it didn't work out for him he had to drop back to League One with Bury. There he picked up a slight bit of form and earned a move to Sheffield United, for most of the season they despised him, and it was only in April of last season where he got one goal which sparked a whole run, which has carried on in the Championship this season. All Blades fans now love him. Who was the goal against which made all of this happen i hear you cry, well of course it would be Coventry City Football Club.

Impressively considering losing his partner and the 2 months injury, he finished the season on 22 goals, the third highest in the league. At this stage we had no idea we'd soon be heading back to the Ricoh, so you can't blame him for leaving in any way. He'd definitely earned it, but waited the appropriate amount of time, unlike Clarke. Bournemouth came in with a bid around £2.5 million and the rest is history. I still maintain that he'd have gone to Euro 2016 had he not ruptured his ACL, his form prior was astonishing, and it's looking like getting back to those levels.

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