Saturday, 2 December 2017

Coventry City Advent Calendar - My 25 Favourite Players - Day 2 - Jay Tabb

The second day of December is upon us, and there's still 23 more days of me clogging up the fan forum you likely found this on, believe me, it's going to get a whole lot more annoying, especially when I put up match reports on the same day as advent calendar posts. However if you've made it as far as actually reading this then it can't bother you too much. I'd invite you to carry on reading as I proceed with a personal advent calendar of my favourite Coventry City players. Yesterday I looked at the man himself Gary McSheffrey, one of the first players to ever get me into the club. To carry on the old school theme early on, I've gone with a wonderful specimen of a human being, also known as Jay Tabb.

Just the name to kick off with, it's beautiful. Jay Tabb. There's something quite special about players with one syllable in both names. Jay Tabb, Joe Cole, etc. I know someone who even has his Twitter @ dedicated to him (@NotJayTabb), if that doesn't emphasise how much he influenced a generation then I don't know what will. Digging through old programmes not long ago I came across one from March 2008 which featured the man himself, and in that specific photo he looked exactly like Merlin. If you happen to have a copy of a programme from Sheffield Wednesday at home on March 15th 2008 then I'd recommend having a look, if, and this is more likely, you don't, then look at my Twitter for reference.

Somehow I've managed to gibber on about the beauty of seven letters and BBC dramas for so long without actually getting onto football. Crystal Palace released him as a youth player after deeming him too short at 5 foot 5, but this didn't stop him kickstarting his career with Brentford between 2000 and 2006, where he was involved in two failed League One play off campaigns. He was hungry for Championship football at this stage in his career which is where we came swooping in as his saviour like a gift from the gods. In this analogy God is Micky Adams whereas the gift is us finishing in our trademark 17th position.

I may be looking at him through tinted glasses, which to be fair is the case for most of the list, but from what I can recall he was a tricky winger with great feet who could send massive defenders the wrong way, and having the ability to do all of this whilst being shorter than my mum. Astonishing when you think about it. However he could ply his trade all across the midfield, in a deeper central role or as a number 10. If you disagree with me massively then just take a look as his Player of the Season Award for the 2007/08 campaign. He had to have done something right so I can warrant putting him on here, and don't worry, there's worse to come.

Chris Coleman decided it would be quite funny to sell him to Reading in January 2009 and after spending a couple of years there he blagged his way into the Premier League when they won the Championship in 2012. Ultimately though he wasn't cut out for the top flight, so was released and picked up by Ipswich, where he spent four years until his contract expired in June this year. He remains a free agent even though we're now in December.

I'm not saying he's the answer to all of our problems, and this is 100% the sentiment talking, but it couldn't hurt to get him in surely? Just on a short term deal until the end of the season, he's only 33 so not completely ancient. We're lacking a bit of creativity, could Tabby be the missing link? The final piece to the puzzle? The answer to these questions is probably not, but I'd take him back in an instant, I'll get a Tabb shirt if it does, for old times sake.

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