Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My Twenty-Fourth 17/18 Game - Coventry City vs Forest Green Rovers

I'm not even sure how this post is going to go, I'll try and keep it to a report as much as I can for the sake of my own sanity as well as professionalism but the bottom line is, I am absolutely fuming with what I saw on that pitch. Of all the lows in my time supporting this club, and believe me, there's been a lot, this is probably as bad as it has got.

Coventry City Starting XI:






Coventry City Substitutes:


I can't fault Robins in the slightest for the team selection, because it's exactly what I would've played and more had I been given the opportunity. One day I will. However whatever the formation may have been on the team sheet certainly wasn't what was being played, or it was in the most fluid way possible. McNulty for one didn't have a specific position for the entire match.

First Half

Ok fair enough, we probably started as the better side, Nazon scuffed one wide fairly early on where he really should have put it away. But really, you'd expect us to spank these, even with our trouble for scoring. Whether they're Forest Green Rovers or not, they've had a diabolical start to the season, haven't won away all season and only have one victory altogether.

It was about half an hour in that it happened, Marsh-Brown was given space to roam and reached the edge of the area. He struck a weak effort straight at Burge but the keeper misjudged it and it managed to morph straight through his body. A poor mistake to make. This angered me, not because of the mistake, but because from now on people will go back to slating him when in reality, he's been amazing this season. At the end he clapped the fans off as usual but also literally held his hands up as if to take responsibility for the defeat.

He's still the best goalkeeper at the club by far and in no way shape or form is it his fault we lost. Lee Burge wasn't the one failing to pass properly or unable to shoot competently, it wasn't him who couldn't cross the ball. He's Coventry City through and through, he turned down Championship and League One offers to stay here he loves the club that much. Some fans would do well to remember this.

I've sidetracked slightly but you were warned, this mistake shook us slightly and we just sort of stagnated, waiting for the half time whistle. Which came to a massive chorus of boos. Me personally I was trying not to have a mental breakdown having agreed to go vegan for a month if we didn't win which is a nice little side story as to why I was even more angry than I usually would have been.

Half Time - Coventry City 0-1 Forest Green Rovers

Second Half

I'm going to get this bit done quickly so I can have a rant. Forest Green sat back as predicted and we couldn't score somehow, to a side that have conceded 31 goals this season. Four of which came at home to Newport County, their confidence have never been so low. There's only one word to describe this, embarrassing.

Jordan Ponticelli came on for more than his usual 6 minutes and possibly got the closest out of everyone to scoring with his header almost immediately after coming on which forced a good save from the keeper. Neither Jordan Shipley nor Peter Vincenti could make the difference, seven minutes of injury time couldn't either. Another massive load of boos met the final whistle. It confirmed our worst fears, a home loss to Forest Green Rovers.

Full Time - Coventry City 0-1 Forest Green Rovers

This really is it, the lowest we've ever got. 8th in League Two, losing to a side who no one had really heard of until they went all houmousy a couple of years ago. They're the smallest club to ever been in the Football League. We're the ninth biggest city in England, and I know in reality that means absolutely nothing but it's an absolute disgrace given everything and how poor of a side they are.

I salute the guy who went on to the pitch and spoke his mind, we've all wanted to do it before and he's the only one who's had the guts. He'll get a ban of course but he wasn't aggressive, he went on, said what he had to say and then left without needing to be restrained or grabbed. However it says it all about our shambles of a football club that he could stroll on and talk for half a minute whereas back in February when we got to Wembley stewards used incredible amounts of aggression to try and stop the pitch invasion.

If we go up I can just see this being brought up but right now I can't see any way forward. We lack creativity hugely. We need Haynes back massively, and our strikers don't look anywhere near like scoring. I don't know what to change, but I know that something needs to be done. Still, that's exactly what we employ Robins for. Never have I hated the City so much, last night we didn't care. Mind you, it's an addiction, so see you all Saturday...

My Man of the Match - Jack Grimmer - I can't say I liked anyone's performance too much, but the official MOTM award went to Grimmer so that must mean something. I quite like the guy and he's managed to earn himself the most awards this season from myself but he wasn't amazing by a long shot last night. Still, fair play to the lad.

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