Sunday, 22 October 2017

My Twenty-Fifth 17/18 Game - Coventry City vs Colchester United

The pain of Tuesday nights defeat to Forest Green will be something I'll never forget, it has brought much pain to everyone who has any form of association to Coventry City. Still though, there was no point in crying over spilt (soya) milk as we hosted Colchester United at the Ricoh with a solid chance of helping to redeem ourselves.

Coventry City Starting XI:






Coventry City Substitutes:


What immediately jumps out from the side is Ryan Haynes' reintroduction since getting injured in our very first pre-season game back in July. You can only assume Stokes himself has picked up a knock considering he wasn't involved in the squad at all. Biamou was the only other change with Stuart Beavon coming in to replace him for his first start in a while. Jordan Ponticelli is still yet to make a professional start for the club, much to the annoyance of many.

First Half

Other than the obvious reasons, I want us to score mainly so I have something to write about, dull 0-0 draws and narrow 1-0 losses really are poor material. At this stage I wouldn't even care if we shattered our best defence in the league record for one game just to draw 4-4. That would be a great report. Instead I'm going to have to get a few hundred words out of a red card and Jodi Jones getting injured, but I've managed it on worse so I'm sure I'll achieve it again. Saying that I've just given the game away completely...

We came out of the blocks on top, the presence of Ryan Haynes looked to have made the world of a difference, the long awaited combination of him on the left, albeit in defence, and Jodi Jones on the right has finally be come a reality. Well, that was for 25 minutes at least, when Jodi pulled up and had to be subbed off for Jordan Shipley.

Not to sound too overdramatic but if that injury is bad then that could genuinely be our promotion hopes over. He's been our sole source of creativity for a while now so he can't go getting a long term injury now that another has come in the form of Haynes. Luckily though, my "spidey senses" detect that he's spent his birthday at Kempton Races. I'm going off his Snapchat by the way, nothing creepy. He's also been ok to drive and walk about so it can't be horrendously bad. Touchwood. This injury stopped the pressing and the half fizzled out into a boring 0-0.

Half Time - Coventry City 0-0 Colchester United

Second Half

With no further changes to either side at the break we kicked off for the second half shooting with the Storm Brian winds. Whether that can be spun as an advantage is personal interpretation. Obviously however we didn't use it even if it was, the dull football continued in the second period. Michael Doyle did a Michael Doyle by slicing someone in two and getting a booking for it, putting him just one away from suspension.

We tried to push for a winner by taking off Beavon for Vincenti, which allowed Nazon to move into a more advanced forward position where he can really excel. Not long later we were handed an opportunity to win on a plate when Colchester midfielder Tom Lapslie was sent off for grabbing the ball when it was still in play. Having already been on a booking this was a fairly silly thing to do.

For most teams this would be an opening to win and a key to the door, but for us however, we can't score to save our lives. We got fairly close, McNulty especially should have put one away in the dying minutes. But a Ryan Haynes wide header in the last minute of injury time signalled the end to a poor game. Yet another match where we've failed to score, it's beyond worrying now.

Full Time - Coventry City 0-0 Colchester United

It really isn't good enough, we're too far into the season to still be working out how to play with each other. Beavon has yet to score, Biamou has yet to score, McNulty has one in the league but that likely shouldn't have counted. Something has to change. I can't see us winning at Luton next week, in fact, ironically, I'd take a 0-0 draw there and run away very fast.

My Man of the Match - Jordan Willis - Fresh from signing a new deal Willis has been the non-hoof ball merchant of our centre back pairing and actually looks for the best option rather than launching it. Not to slate Rod McDonald too much but the former captain offers something different, which seems to be working. Nine clean sheets is frankly brilliant, it's the other end we have to worry about.

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