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Complete Ranking of the Last 100 Coventry City Signings - 40-21

Ok, so it has genuinely been 52 days since the last instalment of this series went up, mid writing it my laptop had to end it's four and a half year stay with the club due to a career ending injury. Rumour has it Michael Doyle two footed it in the middle of the pitch. Fortunately though, it's taken a while, but I've brought in a replacement. This means that the series will be returning.

If you need to remind yourself of the list so (Even I needed to and I was the one who spent about 7 hours trying to work it out) far then you can do so here:




40. Kwame Thomas

Appearances: 14
Goals: 3

After the, lets face it, bottlejob season under Tony Mowbray in the 2015/16 campaign, he was tasked with trying to go one better. Even though it took him absolutely ages for the first signing to be made, we were all excited when the teaser tweet came on. It's fair to say we were slightly underwhelmed to see that Kwame Thomas was behind it.

Being played injured for the first two games was never a good start, so he aggravated it against Shrewsbury Town and wasn't heard of for about 6 months. Literally, not one piece of news was broadcast to the world regarding the length or seriousness of it. I feel completely responsible for his return having started the '#KwamBack' movement on Twitter. It worked, upon coming back he netted in at Oldham, almost mounting a comeback.

In that brief stint of games between returning from injury and Russell Slade getting sacked he looked like a decent little player. His goal at home to Port Vale where he used his footballing brain to backheel it in was a personal highlight. Under Robins however he's fallen out of favour, perhaps unjustly. Then again, we're having trouble finding goals from anyone other than The Duck and Kwame has just come back from his loan at Sutton, he may get a chance to shine very soon.

39. Chris McCann

Appearances: 19
Goals: 1

Another of Tony Mowbray's masterstrokes last season, he wasn't horrendous by a long stretch, but when a player has a dream move to Atlanta United in the USA where he'll be being paid bags of money on the horizon, he's not going to be overly interested. Towards the end of his City career he was just strutting about the place like he didn't really care.

Saying all of that, he did provide some of the best non-Checkatrade related scenes of last season with his one and only goal of last season at Port Vale. It was our only league away win, and given the amount of matches we'd bottled leading up to it, when he rifled it in off the bar with 20 minutes left there was carnage in the away end. I'll likely remember him for that instead of misplacing 2 yard passes in his penultimate game for the club.

38. Blair Adams

Appearances: 64
Goals: 0

Played in that side for a lot more games than I remember him making, saying that I remember going to his debut game *sheds tear*, a 5-0 win at Hartlepool. Back at the 4-0 defeat to Cambridge in the FA Cup in December he was on the bench training for the opposition and found the "Oh Blair Adams, it could have been you" chant hilarious.

37. Marc-Antoine Fortune

Appearances: 26
Goals: 4

Rumour has it we were extremely close to signing Nicky Ajose on that fateful Deadline Day in August 2015 but instead this lad turned up in a suit claiming to be the goals to help out Armstrong. Ajose went on to be one of the top scorers in the division, Fortune on the other hand turned out to be the first of many, many banter players in that squad. See the rest of this list for the others.

He was so bad he was good, he held it up well. In fact I can state the four goals of his career here off the top of my head they are that memorable. There was the penalty against Shrewsbury, the tap in against Colchester, the foul on the keeper and smash it from 2 yards at Blackpool and of course my favourite of them all. Sheffield United at home, Adam Armstrong tries his luck from 30 yards, it cannons off Fortune's backside and trickles in with the keeper on the ground helpless.

36. Sam Ricketts

Appearances: 56
Goals: 1

"Go on Sam" Ricketts was a solid captain for the one full season he played in, towards the end however he begin to start depleting as a player and it probably would have been best had we released him. Don't get me wrong, class bloke, I met him once at Rugby Train Station and he was a good laugh, was angry with a 0-0 draw which you like.

Saying that, he was the only defender above the age of about 20 in the side early on last season, but was a bit over the top at 35. It was clear that he couldn't play every game but due to Tony Mowbray's transfer window incompetence he had to. This took his toll and around October/November time he suffered a career ending knee injury. He took up a coaching role with the club upon his retirement and left when his contract expired. He'll forever be in our hearts.

35. Jordan Turnbull

Appearances: 47
Goals: 2

He was the much needed centre back we were all crying out for, and all it cost us was one Romain Vincelot. He swaggered in with his incredible barnet and got sent off on his debut when we bottled a 1-0 lead to lose 3-1 at Bradford. Upon return he was slated with no end for bottling headers and giving the ball away countless time in dangerous positions. However at one dark stage he was or top goalscorer after his 2 goals against West Ham's youth team in our Checkatrade Trophy opener against them.

He was one of very few players to actually get better under Russell Slade, whilst the team got worse, he managed to gain the basics to be a fairly solid defender. Then again, he had a clause in his contract which said he was free to go if we got relegated. I forget that technically he still plays for us and is only out on loan. He'll likely return from his loan at Partick Thistle and re-enter the fold if we get promoted. But to be honest, I'd be content with Jordan Willis and Concrete Rod McDonald as first choices.

34. Marcus Tudgay

Appearances: 84
Goals: 13

Ah Marcus Tudgay, where oh where do I begin, how on earth did he make close to a hundred appearances across three years? The best stage was towards the end of the 15/16 season where he managed to score a couple of goals to earn himself another year on his contract. I'm not blaming Mowbray for this one, I fully backed the decision.

That final year however was just horrible, we were poor that year and most of it was taken out on Tudgay. Although I was alive to witness his incredibly unlikely screamer at Oldham in February and almost fainted in the process. It was made all the more hilarious as it came straight after Kevin Foley scored an own goal by booting it in off his own face. Even Kwame scored that game, what a day that was.

33. Danny Seaborne

Appearances: 24
Goals: 1

Danny Seaborne was a player who when making this list, I forgot about, so admittedly he's perhaps a tad higher than he should be. Saying that, he was a solid centre back who gets forgotten about as it was in the Sixfields season. To be fair, everyone wants to forget about the Sixfields season so you'd be forgiven for not rating him as highly as I have.

32. Stuart Beavon

Appearances: 30
Goals: 3

If Stuart Beavon was as half as good as the chants the surround him then we'd have our 20 goal a season striker right there. Instead however he's adequate replacement as banter player for this season. He was brought in for our top goalscorer which was bad in itself, ignoring the fact he got 12 in 92 for them and we needed that in about half a season.

His start to this season has been up and down, if I were to do this list again then I wouldn't put him as high as I have but I suppose you pay the price for waiting 6 weeks between instalments. He's not a starter, but is a goos player to bring on when you're holding out for a 1 goal win as he knows exactly what to do to frustrate the opposition and make the minutes tick down. Ask me the same in a years time and I'll likely be less considerate.

31. Baily Cargill

Appearances: 5
Goals: 1

I know what you're thinking, 5 appearances gets you into the 31? I'll respond with two things, the first being, there's worse yet to come and secondly, he looked like a class player in the very little time he had with us. Our defence was in serious trouble so we made 2 Deadline Day loan signings. Cargill and his partner (who is still yet to come) were brilliant panic deals who did a fine job.

30. Steve Jennings

Appearances: 49
Goals: 2

I appear to have almost completely tuned out the fact that this Steve Jennings character made 50 appearances for us. I have fonder memories of Lateef, but after consulting with various people I understand that he wasn't all that bad of a footballer. He joined back in our first season in League One on a free transfer. This is possibly the worst overview of a player so far, and I've regurgitated A LOT of words and phrases. For some reason I can't remember him properly.

29. Ben Turner

Appearances: 5
Goals: 1

Right ok so it's another single digit player high up, and I won't lie, he's not the last. 'Big Ben' Turner gets on here so high because much like the return of Doyler, he made my 8 year old self come out and hyperventilate. Cardiff only loaned him to us so he could recover properly from injury, and after nutting in one on his debut and making a couple more appearances, he did in his other knee.

Whilst you could say his career has gone uphill since leaving by joining Championship Burton Albion, he's also been charged with racial abuse and banned for a few games. City hero and all that though, I'd take him back in an absolute instant if we went up and Burton went down. It's all ifs and buts however, I'm likely just been tremendously optimistic.

28.  James Bailey

Appearances: 37
Goals: 2

Imagine your debut game being Arsenal away in the cup and then having to go to the likes of Crawley a few days later. The Derby loanee showed decent skill in his time here, so much so that he got his deal extended and joined an elite club of Coventry City players who can be actually be described as successful loans. Once in a blue moon do we get them.

27. Jamie Sterry

Appearances: 20
Goals: 1

Out of last seasons misfits, Jamie Sterry was probably the only one who was half decent. It's mainly in protest to how much I hated Lewis Page on the other side. It says something that he'd be the only member of the banter bunch whom I would have kept beyond January, however it wasn't to be and he was replaced by Kevin Foley. Why did we ever sack Russell Slade...?

26. Ruben Lameiras

Appearances: 69
Goals: 7

Could pull off tricks like Jodi Jones before Jodi Jones was Jodi Jones. Except perhaps not as good, and maybe not as frequent. He would've been a mainstay in the 15/16 season had we not had a ridiculous wealth of attacking options in that season. The following year our various managers had no excuse to play him as sporadicly as they did, we desperately needed creativity but instead we played Andre Wright for go knows how long. I wish him the best of luck at Plymouth but as of yet it doesn't appear to be going too well.

25. Stephen Elliott

Appearances: 25
Goals: 4

A nice little impact player for us when he was called upon, scored a brace on one of our many appearances to MK Dons to help us win 3-2. Possibly up this high for sentimental reasons of how much I loved that day and really thought we could go up because of it but nowadays you look back and see 4 in 25 and turn up you nose. As we edge closer to the end I realise that my views and that of the reader are going to be tremendously different.

24. Frank Nouble

Appearances: 34
Goals: 7

Now he's at Newport County and scoring goals like there's no tomorrow you begin to think whether we made the right decision to let him go. Deep down we all know we did, but when our strikers are really struggling to confidently put them away it makes you wonder. Still, we'll always have the memories of that goal on our Ricoh Arena return which we celebrated like we'd won the league. Really it was the only goal in a 1-0 win over Gillingham but on the night it felt like so much more.

23. Andy Rose

Appearances: 40
Goals: 5

I don't know what it was about him, but he was one of my favourite players during his time there. No one will ever be able to take the "Fastest ever Coventry City substitute goal" away from him with his incredible volley against Bradford. Had he stayed fit he'd have been a brilliant midfielder and I reckon he would have stayed had we offered him a new contract. We were right to release him when we did, not down to ability, more injury proneness, fingers crossed he makes it work north of the border.

22. Chris Maguire

Appearances: 3
Goals: 2

The penultimate player of this section of the list, and I promise this is the last time you'll look at your screen and think "Oh for Christ sake". Yes, he only made three appearances, but, (and you all know what I'm going to say here) do you remember THAT game against MK Dons? We come from 1-0 down to win 3-1, two of the goals came from that man Chris Maguire with incredible free kicks. Sheffield Wednesday were so impressed with him that they recalled him almost immediately after. I like to think he'll come back one day and finish what he started.

21. William Edjenguele

Appearances: 40
Goals: 1

Ah, 'Billy Edge' as he became known, was a cult hero in his time here. The big no nonsense centre joined an elite club with his style of play. Other members include Reda Johnson and Nathan Cameron, Rod McDonald is currently enjoying his trial period and if he impresses for the rest of it then the elders may have something to think about. Why oh why was his contract terminated. I'm fairly sure he's knocking about in Greece somewhere these days.

We're nearly there, just one post in the series remains, who will come out on top? Will Lateef come in at number one in a shock twist? No one knows, well, no one other than me. Whether or not it will take me another 2 months for the finale to come out is a mystery however. Ideally it will be out somewhere between the Forest Green report next Tuesday and the Colchester preview on the following Friday. Being completely honest, your guess is as good as mine.

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