Saturday, 16 September 2017

My Seventeenth 17/18 Game - Cambridge United vs Coventry City

Optimism is a terrible thing, we experienced it after the first two games and two wins and then we were beaten 1-0 at home by Newport County. This caused a slight blip in form we steadied the ship on Saturday and Tuesday with respective 1-0 and 2-0 wins. This fixture was also the worst attacking record in the league meeting the best defensive record in the league, so our fate was firmly sealed prior to kick off.

Coventry City Starting XI:






Coventry City Substitutes:

Dev. Kelly-Evans

With Tom Davies missing out through illness, the dilemma of who to choose out of him and Rod McDonald was made simple. The state of the bench however made us a little bit thin on the ground, as in you could count the amount of collective Coventry City competitive appearances on both hands.  So we were left hoping the first team could do the job.

First Half

Despite starting on top, we fell behind after just 10 minutes when Mingoia's cross was met by Ibehre and headed into the bottom corner. Lee Burge could be criticised for not coming out to claim the cross, as could our defence for not dealing with the situation. But an interesting fact I saw was that we haven't come from behind to win in the league since April 2016, so the stats weren't looking good.

With this side you just don't see the ability to instantly bounce back, we're all well and good if we score first, but go a goal down and we look drained. Half chances appeared to be our only form of going forward, nothing concrete. Vincenti had a header comfortably saved whilst Nazon looked like the only one with the balls to have a crack.

Second Half

After we managed to make it to half time without conceding we somehow looked worse, fans were getting increasingly frustrated and this time there was no mascot to get ejected (Incredibly funny). But then put of absolutely nowhere the messiah struck, Vincenti floated a beautiful ball across the area to The Duck, it looked as if he messed up the scoring opportunity but he brought it down and absolutely slaughtered it in.

I say slaughtered, the strike itself was, the actual goal came thanks to a combination of the post and the keepers back, then it trickled over the line. I'm sure The Duck will take the the EFL to court when it inevitably goes down as an own goal when someone looks at it. Still, he's possibly my favourite person to ever grace the planet.

Suddenly the tables had turned, we'd got the exact boost we needed by a perhaps overconfident Haitian. Stuart Beavon of all people had a crack from 30 yards and it went towards the actual goal, it was a fairly comfortable save from the keeper mind but that's a big step for him. Jodi Jones was doing his job on the right but wasn't managing to make any of it count.

Nazon got booked for booting the ball away for a laugh, don't see why but that's just his personality. Meanwhile Beavon had another couple of strikes at goal, none of which had any real effect in the slightest. A comeback was very much on the cards but life just isn't that good. In almost identical fashion to the first, Cambridge doubled their lead with 15 minutes left. Just this time it was Ikpezeau who nodded it home.

Devon Kelly-Evans and Maxime Biamou came on in a last ditch attempt to net an equaliser, and it very nearly worked. Biamou missed a header from about six yards out agonisingly wide whilst Jodi smashed one off the bar late on. Ultimately it wasn't to be though, and a poor 2-1 loss was the finishing result.

Full Time - Cambridge United 2-1 Coventry City

You win some, you lose some. Today we were unlucky but we can't have another blip like after Newport. We'll have to bounce back against none other than top of the league Exeter who haven't lost yet. Not the easiest of fixtures by any means, but it would be a real statement if we came away with three points.

My Man of the Match - Duckens Nazon - Not only did he score(ish) a belter, but he displayed his big personality, which is a great thing to have in a promotion pushing side. Riling up the fans when we scored is something I haven't seen since Nathan Clarke. But one thing that Ducky has which Clarke doesn't is an ability to play football.

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