Saturday, 4 February 2017

My Forty-Seventh 16/17 Game - Coventry City vs Millwall - Rant About the Situation

 This isn't going to be a match report, so if that's what you're looking for then I would leave now. It is just a massive rant on the current situation regarding Coventry City Football Club but loosely based on what I saw in today's gutless 2-0 defeat. The January transfer window forced the eyes open of the extremely small number of Coventry fans who didn't know already, we are in deep deep trouble.

 What Russell Slade did in January is nothing short of a disgrace, he got rid of our top and only proven goalscorer in favour of a 33 year old who scored 12 in 92 for his previous club alongside 2 children whom you could count their collective professional on one hand. This was evident in the team we chose.





That for starters is a massive red flag, 2 strikers who can barely run both well into their twilight footballing years, it's just a disgrace all around. None of them seem to care, throughout the match, Burge made a tremendous number of howlers that it should have been about 6-0 but he was the only one that came over and clapped the fans at the end!

Maybe the 17 other squad members decided a clap to the people who pay their wages is beneath them because it's the "fans fault" we conceded the first goal. The attitude of some fans to one another is one of the reasons we can't organise a proper protest, all we can muster up is about 50 tennis balls going on the pitch and a few people chanting.

The Sheffield United pitch invasion was spoken about beforehand but nothing concrete was ever arranged, hence why it was left so late. The pigs on the pitch at Charlton was the home sides doing, all we did was follow orders. If we want to be successful and unite as a fanbase then we need to look at their situation.

Northampton is another story, whether the home fans liked it or not, it got attention. Not as much as we would have hoped as we picked the wrong day with the likes of Lincoln and Sutton making giantkillings in the FA Cup. However some did it for the wrong reasons in a "Look at me" kind of way which isn't the way forward.

Back to today, there was already an increased number of police and stewards given the reputation of the opposition so they were extremely tight on security, meaning the £2 I spent at Decathlon on tennis balls went to waste as I don't want to risk getting chucked out. A few people did though, which leads me onto another point about today.

I get that the stewards don't want us to disrupt the game, that's obvious, but there's absolutely no need to eject a couple of fans you think might be the ringleaders in such an aggressive way. I even spotted a police officer push a boy who could only be as old as about 10 pushed in the face with force for simply standing on the stairs.

Everything about this club right now is extremely sour right now which is why I thought I needed to say this. I haven't written on as many games lately because frankly, I can't bring myself to do it, which is a poor reason but if I don't enjoy writing it then you won't enjoy reading it. I can't say it's going to get any better but I hope we do at least score one more goal this season.

There is one minuscule silver lining, and that's on Tuesday night, the semi finals of the Checkatrade Trophy against Wycombe. A Wembley trip certainly wouldn't make anything better but if there's any fanbase most deserving of the day out it's Coventry City. Knowing us though we'll concede three in the first 10 minutes and really kill the dream.

My Man of the Match - No one deserves credit anymore.

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