Friday, 16 December 2016

An Eventful Few Days...

 I last wrote on Coventry City after our 1-0 Checkatrade Trophy victory over Crawley Town, since then we were battered in the league once more by Southend. Once again I couldn't bring myself to write on it as in my opinion there might as well be no report than one which I don't enjoy writing. This post is mainly on the protests of yesterdays match and Tim Fisher's interviews as opposed to a usual match report.

This is also the 100th post I have done since I started 'A View From The Stands' last August, so in typical fashion I'm going to be celebrating by talking about my pain as a Coventry City fan. *Puts out bunting* Nothing changes. But just quickly, Billy Sharp scored (Cook probably should have saved it) Daniel Agyei's equaliser was one of the luckiest goals I've ever seen looping the keeper.

 Then a couple of minutes before the game ended about 100 Coventry fans interrupted the game by strategically going on the pitch the way the police least expected it, via the empty North Stand. I'm not going to say whether or not I was involved due to obvious reasons but I can say I thought it was marvellous, the fact SISU shelled out to hire more stewarding and police only for it to happen anyway.

  The fact we got huge amounts of media coverage as well as the fact SISU getting a fine is a big result I'd say. I honestly was beginning to believe that this club was on the ropes with a lot of the fans not caring but now I can honestly say that I have never been more proud to be a Coventry City fan. Once the stewards finally managed to get everyone off Sheffield United got a winner through Sharp and it kicked off a tad with the fans.

 That brings me to another thing, if Sheffield United were to be in our position I wouldn't bat an eyelid. They are a vile set of people. Speaking off the record I'm glad that one bloke got completely decked by a City fan. I'm sure them of all people would now what it would be like to face problems given the whole 'Third Party' players thing involving Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano both going to West Ham. Instead they were singing 'Pro-Sisu' songs and tried to fight us. I even saw one spit in the face of a man who was with his child. Very classy. They've very much gone down in my estimations.

  Today as you would expect the respective media channels were all over the pitch invasion so Tim Fisher spoke to Jim White on talkSPORT to try and limit the damage done by supporters. But he just blamed the fact we conceded late on the supporters, as well as trying to shift all the other problems on to us as well. That appeared to be the theme on both talkSPORT and on the BBC Coventry and Warwikshire phone in. That in itself is absolutely astonishing.

 He said that we have killed the deal with the Butts Park Arena, and tried to guilt trip everyone saying "The ball boys and girls were crying". I'm sure that was a complete lie, all the ones I saw were loving it, one even hugged me! But it's just another case of Fisher talking complete rubbish. Along with that apparently we're turning away new potential managers.

He avoided reasonable questions and if I here "Break even business" one more time I'll flip. He says the less people there are the more he'll cut the budget. He also says SISU don't want to lose money so have to break even every year. Put it this way, we are doomed every year whatever happens, so why not bleed them dry so hard it's physically impossible for them to break even. Get them fines, boycott home games from 17/18. Maybe, just maybe, it'll put pressure on SISU to sell.

 As for the next post I do it'll either be Walsall vs Bradford tomorrow or a post regarding my 'Top 10 CCFC Away Days'. It could even be both to make up for the fact I won't be going to Bristol Rovers. In fact here's the Christmas schedule:

17th December: Bradford vs Walsall (Report dependant on match experience)
21st/22nd December: Top 10 CCFC Away Days
27th December: Derby vs Birmingham
31st December: Peterborough vs Coventry
2nd January: Coventry vs Bolton

I most likely won't stick to that but I suppose we'll have to see. Thank you for reading my 100 posts, I'm surprised I've even got here given my attention span! Here's to another 100!

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