Sunday, 20 November 2016

My Twenty-Ninth 16/17 Game - Oxford United vs Coventry City

 Don't think I'm getting sloppy writing these as this is out on the Sunday, because I'm not. For the second week in a row it's out on the day after so I have a chance to reign myself in and not be too angry writing it. Scunthorpe last week got me riled up, as did Oxford away yesterday, this time though for a completely different reason. 

Coventry City Starting XI:





Coventry City Substitutes:


 On paper, that side looks quite good, Rose missed out through injury but we managed to cope without him for 6 weeks so it's not too big of a deal to see Gadzhev come into the side. I was dismayed to see Wright start instead of either Jones or Reid given how poor he was last time out. But I really hoped we would be able to get back on track today against a side we overcame 2-1 last month.

First Half

 As I said, we look good on paper, but the game is played on grass, as we saw from start to finish. We were dreadful for the full 90 minutes, the first 5 minutes were horrific, we were lucky to hold the scores level for 7 minutes. No one closed down Hemmings, he had a clear run through and very easily slotted it under Lee Burge. 

 The pressure wasn't stopping, they had chance after chance after chance. They doubled their lead on the half hour mark, Hemmings once again had the opportunity but it was saved by Lee Burge right into Sterry and then in the back of the net. It was quite a lucky goal but you couldn't say it wasn't deserved, 2-0.

 Then only 4 minutes later Lewis Page came steaming in with a pointless tackle to give away a penalty, Chris Maguire (Yep, that Chris Maguire) sent Burge the wrong way from 12 yards. It could've been 4 if not for the Coventry academy keeper. He came off his line quickly and became big to deny Hemmings. 

Wright had a half hearted shot which Eastwood collected easily but it was met with sarcastic cheers from the Sky Blue Army as if we'd scored followed up with chants of "We had a shot." But really it went into half time as an awful performance with Oxford 3-0 up.

Second Half

 Bizarrely we didn't make an impact sub of Jodi Jones or Kyel Reid, instead our saviour was centre back Cian Harries who replaced Stevenson. We nearly scored an actual goal when Page pulled back to Lameiras who's attempt was blocked. Our one effort didn't help us though as on the hour mark Turnbull failed to clear it but gave it to Alex MacDonald who smashed it past Burge into the net.

  Even now we made ridiculous substitutions, Gadzhev came off for Maycock and Lameiras for Tudgay. The game went a bit dead until the 11 minutes of injury time thanks to Wes Thomas and Joe Skarz being forced off for the hosts. Sterry was brought down in the box, Tudgay stepped up and got a consolation which triggered the sarcastic chants again such as "We're gonna win 5-4" or "We're gonna win the league" but obviously there was no time and the game finished 4-1.

 In my years of watching Coventry City, that was easily the worst I have ever seen us play. It was horrific, there were only 2 players who I say put in an above abysmal performance, I'll get onto that in a minute. What added insult to injury was how Willis was the only player who came out and said anything after the match on social media. 

His girlfriend on the other hand had a fair amount to say for herself, referring to the City fans as "Gobby glory hunters". If she wants to explain how a team who haven't had a smidgen of glory for 30 years and spend their hard earned money on seeing 11 players not performing week in week out then she can be my guest. If we don't come every week and pay his wages then she doesn't get her money for her wag lifestyle. She is the definition of ungrateful.

Anyway, that's the end of that rant. I may be completely mad but my next match will be on Tuesday night against Bolton Wanderers, but if we got slaughtered here then I fear for us there. But hopefully they'll mark my thirtieth match by pulling something astonishing out of the bag. Unlikely but you never know...

My Man of the Match - Lee Burge - It's very hard to pick a man of the match from that side and you may question the fact I chose the goalkeeper whom conceded 4 but the fact of the matter is it could've been a whole lot worse than it was. This is his third award of the season I believe, the other two came under better circumstances. 

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