Monday, 14 March 2016

Expiring Contracts - Who Stays/Goes

 At the end of the 2015/16 season Coventry City are in a potential state of crisis. Most of our squad have contracts running out at the end of May, I will be looking into each of the players in depth and ultimately decide in my opinion whether we should keep them or whether their time at Coventry City is up.

 Aaron Martin - The centre back has played a big part this season due the injury of Reda Johnson and since his arrival from Yeovil I believe he has developed quite well, even if it was only for a back up in the Championship, I believe it is worth keeping him. If we stay in League One then he could be playing a big part next season should others leave.

 Connor Thomas - The longest standing member of the current squad, it may be hard to let him go but in my opinion it's something we may have to do considering he hasn't played a large part in the squad in years, promotion or no promotion, Thomas isn't needed.

 Chris Stokes - The ex Forest Green left back is the only player to start in every single game this season, proving he has been key. One thing that could decide whether he stays or not is the potentially season ending injury he picked up at Blackpool, until the injury news comes in I can't give a proper verdict, but assuming he is ok, Stokes needs to be kept.

 Marc-Antoine Fortune - This is a tricky one, recently he seems to be trying a lot more but prior to this he hadn't done anything all season, I'll have to look at his contribution from here on in but currently as I imagine he is on large wages, he may have to be on his way out.

 Jim O'Brien - If there is one person who will always give 110% in every game he plays in then that would be Jim O'Brien, but personally I can't see him staying. He has already made it clear he isn't exactly happy at being on the bench so forced a loan move to Scunthorpe. As he lives in the north and isn't happy with the commute, this could be the last we see of Jim in a city shirt.

 Ivor Lawton - I don't exactly have too much to say on this as I don't exactly know too much about him, but from what I have seen, he looks like a good prospect for the future so will be worth hanging on to. Hopefully he will start to make a larger contribution when he comes back from his injury.

 Sam Ricketts - Another tricky one, Sam will be 35 in October and despite him being the city captain and a good motivator, I'm not too sure we should keep hold of him. Whether that is Mowbray playing him wrong, or he just assumes he deserves a spot in the team, one year may be enough for Ricketts.

 Reda Johnson - Where to start with Reda Johnson? If Ricketts were to leave, Johnson is a ready made, already proven replacement as captain. There is just one problem with the big man, injury proneness. He's currently out injured now and will be back for next season were we to keep him but whether we will or not is a different question. In my opinion he should be lining up for the Sky Blues in August no matter what league we are in.

 Dion Kelly-Evans - One half of the Kelly-Evans full back duo, as I haven't seen any of him I can't really comment, but another 1 or 2 years on to the guys contract surely can't hurt. He won't be on that much money so he should stay so we can see how he develops, whether that be here or out on loan.

 Devon Kelly-Evans - The other half of the Kelly-Evans partnership, and exactly the same rules apply! Give him a contract extension so we can see how he develops, that is unless the Under 21s boss knows something I don't!

 Jack Finch - Similarly to Connor Thomas, Finch has struggled to make it into the first team recently through injury and other players such as Fleck and Vincelot being ahead of him in the pecking order, unfortunately, Finch's time may be up.

 John Fleck - The situation with Fleck has been made quite clear, if we go up, he stays. If we don't go up, he might want a challenge in the championship perhaps. He's what we need in the middle of the park, some Glaswegian fight. As much as I want him to stay, we might not have super Johny Fleck for much longer.

  Marcus Tudgay - Somewhat overlooked by Tony Mowbray, Tudgay isn't really given too much of a chance. When he does play, he always looks like he's going to score, but when all you give him is 20 minutes or so at the end of a game every 5 matches you won't get the best out of him. Apart from Armstrong, he is the only true goal scoring threat I see from the striking position every time he enters the pitch.

 Aaron Phillips - With Jordan Willis signing a new contract in the winter, Martin Lorentszon now being on the scene and one of the Kelly-Evans' possibly coming through in the next year or two, it might not be worth having so many Right Backs in the squad. The academy graduate may be hard to let go of but once again, we may have to do what we have to do.

 Darius Henderson - I can sort of see why we signed Henderson but like Tudgay, he doesn't get enough game time. On two occasions I have seen him nearly bag us points in the dying seconds of the game but is a big lump up front really what we need in this league?

 Stephen Hunt - Why on earth did we sign him in the first place, we already had too many attacking midfielders, I haven't seen to much of the man, but in my opinion, he is one of the first people we should be carting out at the end of the year, especially since we have a lot of depth in his position.

 Joe Cole - If somehow we are able to, we absolutely 100% have to keep him, he will be key in helping out our youngsters, with a wealth of experience to give to the youth players coming through, but now we have him back to full fitness, higher league clubs may be licking their lips at the prospect of having 56 England caps in their team.

 Peter Ramage - Another player which was brought in as a quick fix to a problem but ultimately failed and now can't even make it on to the bench, Ramage should be joining the queue behind Hunt on the "Washed up and past it" players. Harsh Words, but true.

 Martin Lorentszon - If like I said we do end up getting rid of Ricketts, Lorentszon is a very solid player with Champions League experienc, he is dying for a chance and in my opinion deserves one, give him one more year on his contract to prove himself.


 James Maddison - We've gone from having a brilliant youth prospect on a contract for 3 years to having him until the end of the season on loan, we could be in the same league as his new side Norwich next season so it is unlikely we will be receiving Maddison next year.

 Adam Armstrong - The top goal scorer in League One has made his presence known, if Rafa Benitez somehow manages to keep up Newcastle and the Sky Blues get promoted this season, we MIGHT be getting him back for the 16/17 season.

 Jack Stephens - A nice young centre back replacement to our injury troubles, I assume he will be leaving in June but it's been nice having the junior saint and I wouldn't mind having him back were we to stay in League One.

Gael Bigirimana - He's not what he used to be, his big money move to Newcastle happened tooearly, unfortunately for Bigi, I wish him luck with the rest of his career but we shouldn't try and get him back for next season even if we don't go up.

 Jacob Murphy - On his day, a very good player, but is very inconsistent. He is also in the same boat as Maddison, literally with him being a Norwich player, we could be lining up against him next season, but in my opinion, he is too big of a risk to keep around.

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