Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Stephen Pressley's Sacking - 1 Year On

 So this is new, not only is this not a Coventry City match, but it's not even a match at all, and yes, I know I still need to catch up with the games I have missed, but I saw that Steven Pressley was sacked as Sky Blues boss on this day 2015 and felt the need to write about it, times have changed, most certainly for the better, but my opinion wasn't this was this time last year.

 I'm not going to lie, I ranted on twitter, these were the specific words I used, courtesy of Timehop:

 "Steve Waggott says our budget is up in the top 6 of the division, you complete liar! Which division are you on about, the Conference South? You sir, are deluded! You are ridiculous at this club! That manager was the only one who could turn this club around. I guarantee you will employ either Neil McFarlane or Dave Hockaday because it's cheaper. They may be your only options, who would want to come to this club with no budget and the worst owners in the country, who would have made decisions such as selling Callum Wilson, which admittedly would have been hard, but you could have at least put up a fight!? Or even Carl Baker! What about him? He would be amazing in this squad! Anyway I've probably ranted enough. No-one cares what I think, especially Steve Waggott, who doesn't care what anybody thinks! Hopefully we can get a manager who's actually good!"

 That last line says it all, hopefully we can get a manager who's actually good. Oh boy we did, some of the things I said may have been a little bit off and harsh, but I was angry, I didn't know what was to come, I genuinely thought that could have been the beginning of the end. But here we are, 1 year later, a great manager, a great team. With automatic promotion still on the cards, in the words of D:Ream, things can only get better.

 Despite our success, I still believe Pressley was slightly hard done by, as soon as Tony Mowbray came in, and as soon as we stopped trying to buy the Ricoh, money started to come in, we had our first cash buy in 2 years with the purchase of Romain Vincelot, and we are attracting loan players of the calibre of Adam Armstrong and the permanent signing of Joe Cole is a prime example.

 Whether this is the owners injecting more money into the club or the pure stature of Tony Mowbray in the game, it has worked. Going up or not is a different story, whilst I would love us to get automatic promotion, and with it still being doable, Play Offs is looking like the more likely end to the season. If we want that 2nd place spot, wins against the likes of Gillingham, Wigan and Millwall are crucial. But I have belief.

 In my opinion we have the strongest squad in the league, but with a lot of our players still very young it's a case of who can hold their nerve. We have already been shown cracks in defence but these have been quick fixed with Cargill and Stephens. But how long is the glue going to last? With all the pain this club has suffered in recent years, we deserve some success.

 I appear to have gone off topic, as for Pressley, he took over Fleetwood Town and in his first game lost 1-0 at home to who else but the Sky Blues. 12 months after his firing and our next game is low and behold, Fleetwood Town at home, Pressley's Ricoh return, I feel like I say this about every game, and it very much applies to each one, but it really is a must win against the relegation threatened side.

 Hopefully you enjoyed something a bit different, once again I promise I will catch up again, and apologies for the Glue metaphors, I felt they were very fitting, next 'A View From The Stands' will be our Port Vale away trip. Thanks for reading!

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