Friday, 2 October 2015

My Sixth 15/16 Game - Scunthorpe United vs Coventry City

So, part 2 of the 4 games I didn't do and we face Scunthorpe away. Once again, we came in as favourites and I was optimistic for our chances, we really needed to win, however in previous years we've not been the best against them, especially away plus it's a pain to get to so if we came away with nothing then I would be annoyed.

 Before the game even started there was tension, there always would be as it was the first time Judas, sorry Mark Robins, had managed against us since he left in 2013 for Huddersfield, that ended well didn't it Mark! Another trip down memory lane was the return of my favourite ever Coventry player Gary McSheffrey, he got a much warmer welcome than Robins.

 There isn't much to say about the first half, after all it was 0-0 at the break, but I'm not going to sugar-coat it, we were dominated, I wouldn't say that it was down to Scunthorpe being exceptinally good, but us being exceptionally bad. We seemed afraid to get stuck in, we never looked like we were in the game for the first half. I hate criticising City players, but if there is one I really don't like then it is Jacob Murphy, he seems lazy and doesn't look like he wants to play for the football club.

 I was happy to see we made it to half time without conceding and was hoping Mowbray could sort the boys out and we might be able to snatch a winner in the second half. At the break I thought about if we would bring our new loan signing Ryan Kent on, and prayed it would be for Murphy. When the second 45 began, those prayers were answered when that exact substitution was made. However this didn't change much, we looked slightly better but couldn't put i the final ball.

We only began to seem like the better team in the last 15 minutes, another new signing was brought on in Marc-Antoine Fortune was looking bright along with Kent but no-one could get a shot on goal, this was to be our downfall, we perhaps tried too hard as on 79 minutes we were caught on the break and Paddy Madden won Scunthorpe the game. This seemed to break us. From here on in all of our attacks seemed to fizzle out.

This wasn't the best game I've ever seen, we were poor, after this loss it was very important to beat Chesterfield at home the following week to keep up our form and stay with the likes of Burton, Walsall and Gillingham whom are pushing for promotion. And the Chesterfield game will be part 7, which again has already happened, bare with me on that...

My Man Of The Match: Lee Burge - Me and Burgey have a love hate relationship, but keeping Scunthorpe out for as long as he did is deservant of an award. Burge is added to the ever growing list of players on 1 award. Adam Armstrong still ahead on 2.

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